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If you’re looking to change careers, create better income, have greater satisfaction in your work, or achieve more fulfilment in your life….

…by starting and growing a successful online course.

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Our world is
changing quickly

And right now anyone (yes, even you) can launch a highly profitable online course that impacts thousands of lives across the world. But you probably already know this.

You’ve spent hundreds of hours watching your favourite YouTubers, Influencers, Coaches, and Marketers do exactly that… While you just watch it all go by from the sidelines. Yet, you can’t get that little voice out of your head…

“Maybe I can share one of my skills to help other people”

“Maybe I can grow a massive audience of amazing people”

“Maybe I can make a full-time income from doing what I love”

But every time you start looking
for next steps…

You end feeling up overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing is coming together with the way you imagined.

And it’s because you have this idea that you have to make the perfect course, with the perfect videos and the perfect audience…

And you’re waiting for the perfect time… But the perfect time might never come.

Because even if you created the best course out there, you still don’t know how:

How to get your course in front of thousands of people…

How to get turn those people into buyers…

How to get them to actually take action and get your course…

How to get them to come back and buy from you again and again…


To Make Matters
Even Worse

You’re going to be competing against thousands of other courses out there… And if any part of your offer, your product, or your sales process fails to compete…

You’re going to get buried deep in the web of dusty courses that never made it…

Plus, it gets worse…

No matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, blog posts you read, and webinars you watch… It never seems to make a difference…
You’re just not getting any results, even though you’re working your butt off. It feels like you’re going in circles. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?
You’re left feeling like a failure — wondering what you’re doing wrong.

“The biggest problem was that I was creating courses that no one wanted to buy.”

Personally, I know the feeling. I had the exact same issues when I first started out. I spent most of my first year in online business — constantly looking for “the answer”.
I wasted time, money and energy creating courses that no one cared about.


Hey, My Name Is
Julian Alexander

When I started my first online business in 2018, I had no clue what I was doing.

All I had was a laptop, a camera, and a dream.

At the time I was a full-time freelancer, working my butt off to pay my bills in Los Angeles, but I had the idea that I could do something bigger.

“The biggest problem was that I was creating courses that no one wanted to buy.”

I wanted so desperately to be heard.

At the time I set what felt like an impossible goal of making $10,000 per month online, but I had no plan on how I would get there.

Every time I opened up my computer to learn about marketing, sales, and online business ideas… I only got more confused.

I’d spend hours on Facebook groups, Reddit and YouTube watching videos on how to be successful in business…

I spent months building websites…

And I spent way too much time on communities like Quora & Reddit asking for help and advice.

But nothing ever worked.

I was reading hundreds of these blog articles per month, trying to piece everything together…

But the more I learned, the more confused I get…

I experimented with EVERYTHING.

I tried dropshipping, freelancing, and photography coaching (yeah…that didn’t go so well). And in between all the different ideas I tried…

I constantly compared myself to other entrepreneurs.

I would think to myself – “I’m never going to be that good”.

Sometimes I would even question my sanity for thinking I could ‘stop working’ by creating my own online business. But as I continued to persist… Slowly but surely…

I began to see progress.

And then suddenly I was hit with a major tipping point that would change the course of my life forever. In late 2018, I launched my first digital product (online photography presets).

Within the span of 2 months, I made about $60,000.

This ended up being the milestone that finally gave me the confidence to go “all-in” on online business 🙌🏼

Imagine for the first time ever

Experiencing the feeling of waking up every morning with more sales, and more money in your bank account every day.

My small success

This then led me into the next few years, I managed to build a community of over 75,000 people, meet other amazing entrepreneurs all over the world…

Just by sharing the entrepreneurial life lessons as I was learning throughout this journey.

My small success online led a lot of people to start noticing me… The best part was that I was building an amazing audience filled with inspiring people.

But, more importantly… This tipping point is exactly what led me to create a life where I’m able to make a full-time living by creating courses on topics I really care about & enjoy talking about.

By the end of 2019, I was making well over 6 figures online and it was becoming more and more clear that making money online was the right path for me.


New users




Monthly sales

Now I know what you’re probably wondering. What the heck did he do to get there? (don’t worry, we’ll get to that)

First, let’s talk about what
I didn’t do.

Because while some of these things may temporarily grow your business or your audience… They ruin any chance of sustainable long-term growth (and it definitely doesn’t make you feel good).

I didn’t “sellout”

and ruin my reputation by selling scammy courses (Instead, I actually gained a lot of respect from other entrepreneurs).

I didn’t come up

with elaborate marketing lies, just to try and temporarily “boost” my social proof & credibility online (Instead, I was actually brutally transparent).

I didn’t try

to hack the system, or create crappy products just to try and make a quick buck off someone’s back (Instead, I actually focused on creating amazing products that provided REAL value.

I didn’t post

instagram videos of me running around naked, or drinking 10 gallons of milk in 10 minutes… just to try and get some attention online (Instead, I just shared my daily experiences in business).


Here’s What Actually
Leads To Success

Instead of trying to game the system with any of the tricks I mentioned above…

A truly successful online course goes far beyond your follower count, and revenue.

A truly successful online course is one where you get to do what you love, share your knowledge and experience, help people in the process, and feel good about the money you’re making.

But, as with any business, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you start.

It’s Not An Easy Task

Well, at least if you continue to go at it alone…The good news is that if you’ve ever dreamed of having the perfect roadmap to successfully launching an online course – look no further.

For the first time ever: I’m revealing everything I’ve learning creating, and selling multiple successful online courses.


Introducing Course Creator Accelerator

Your roadmap to starting, and growing a profitable six-figure online course with integrity.

Launch your course

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One-On-One Strategy Call

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Course Accelerator
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Launch and grow your online course with ease

There’s no need to worry about “how the sales, marketing, and tech all works together”.
We’ve already assembled the entire system for you.


Create killer marketing assets

Simply copy & paste your course into our pre-written sales pages, emails, webinars, and sales scripts.

We’ve made it super easy for you to build a full online course without getting bogged down with complex tools.


Get clients and customers with predictability down to the dollar & cent

You get access to the same exact tools and strategies we use to sell over $50,000+ per month.


Master sales

You’ll learn how to use psychology to drive sales and interest to your courses whether it’s a $10 course, a $100 course, a $1,000 course, or even $10,000 course.

Our happy creators

“This is really great work. It will save people a ton of time”

Italo Robin

the Filmmaker

I’m super happy I overcame my doubts & jumped onboard with Julian. I 10X’ed my investment the first month”

Italo Robin

the Filmmaker

“This is really great work. It will save people a ton of time”

Italo Robin

the Filmmaker


Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get inside the program


Weekly Coaching Calls

The number one problem with 99% of courses online is that some expert teaches sells you a bunch of videos and then tells you to go figure it out on your own… Doing this as a complete beginner without guidance almost always leads to failure.

That’s why we do things a bit differently. Instead, we actually work side-by-side with you every step of the way. We work with you to help you create your course so that you’re never left feeling confused about what to do next.


The Notion Roadmap

What if you could have a step by step roadmap to completing your course creation goals (created by an organization genius).

A roadmap that will bring you to having one of the BEST courses, sales systems, and marketing systems on the internet.

That’s what you get inside the notion roadmap.

Every step, checklist, action item, template, and resource in one clean & organized place.

This roadmap alone will save you months of your precious time, & years of dangerous stress by giving you the clarity you need.

Here’s A Taste
Of What You
Get In The Roadmap

Niche Research

A scientific approach to finding your markets pain points, and how you can provide a profitable solution.

7 Figure Sales Script

Copy & paste our exact sales script we use to close $5k+ deals & make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Sales Page Templates

Create ultra high converting sales pages & landing pages with our easy to fill templates.

Facebook Ad Templates

Follow proven frameworks & templates for high converting ad scripts – that get more sales.

MVO Creation Guide

Once you have your idea, this is how you test it & sell it before investing any serious time or cash.

Pricing & ROI Justification

Stop worrying about how much you should price yourself at. Here’s a simple no-nonsense formula to pricing.


Access To The Course
Creator Community

Where you can ask me questions like this

Are you finally ready to start your online business journey & launch a killer online course?


The Results


Landed His First $13,000 Client With Our Help


Grew His Course To $30,000 The First Month Using Our Formula


Started His First Online Business After Going Through Our Course


Landed 10 High Ticket Clients In 1 Week After Going Through Our Training Program


What Makes Us Different From 1,826,472 Other Business Courses Out There?


We’re here to help you every single step of the way. You can get ahold of me on the weekly Zoom calls, and in our private chat.

Course Creation

We guide you through the entire idea creation, testing, and validation framework. That way you know your course will sell BEFORE you spend any time creating it.

Next Steps

Yes, you’ll learn course creation.
But more importantly…. you’ll how to sell & market your course so that you will succeed online.


Other courses take your money & then never offer to help you again. They just “sell you a course” and leave you to figure it out on your own

Course Creation

Assume you already have a niche, market, and course topic already figured out. Which makes it hard for you to get a breakthrough idea.

Next Steps

Just teach you the filming and editing part, or course creation part.


Is Course Accelerator
Right For You?

Course Accelerator is PERFECT for you if:


Course Accelerator Is
NOT Right For You If?

Course Accelerator is NO for you if:


Still On The Fence?

Look, I get it. A course about starting your business is nothing new.

Odds are, you’ve been let down by other online courses.

Courses that taught you the same stuff you can find in free YouTube videos…

So at this point, investing in yourself is scary…

The number one question that’s probably popping up in your head is….

“How do I know if this will work for me?”

So let’s talk about that. Because if you’re expecting to get rich quick, and make a million dollars by next week. Then no this definitely will not work for you…

Then Yes this
will work for you!

But if you’re looking to:

Because starting a successful online business isn’t about “Luck”. It’s about being brave enough to start, dedicated to constant growth, and taking one small step at a time (that we’ve already laid out for you).


One. Last. Thing.

If you’re thinking about piecing together all the free videos on youtube, you’re probably thinking you can figure it out that way.

Want my honest opinion on that?

It’s actually not a bad route if you don’t mind sifting through hundreds of videos just to find 1 good nugget. And then… piece all the relevant information together (without even knowing what to look for).

That’s why I want to share my exact formula for growing a six-figure online course from complete scratch. This way you can put your trust into a process that will take you step-by-step from start to finish. Saving you time, saving you money, and saving you from thousands of hours of mistakes (seriously it took me over a year of pure failure to make my first breakthrough. I don’t want that to be you).

So what do you think?

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Here’s what you and I both know: One year from now you will certainly arrive. The question is where? That is your decision to make right now.